Integrity Network Solutions: Addressing K12 End-to-End IT Needs

With a degree in engineering and years of experience in network design, Rich Barker embarked on a journey to reform enterprise networking for K12 school districts. He noticed schools often connect security, compute, storage, and other third-party products through dissimilar network fabrics. Also, with an understaffed IT workforce, schools struggle to find and keep technical expertise required to maintain a robust network infrastructure. Rich sought to solve these challenges and founded Integrity Network Solutions in 2003. The firm’s engineers focus on complete network solutions, which take the entire enterprise network into account. With Integrity’s unified networking solution, the disparate network technologies are brought under singular control for better management, which single-handedly reduces cost and augments the overall efficiency of school districts.

“Integrity Network Solutions’ offerings are intrinsically designed to meet the requirements of the heavily overworked and understaffed IT departments of K12 school districts,” remarks Barker. The solutions the firm offers assists K12 schools in designing, deploying, implementing, and troubleshooting network issues that otherwise would have strained the school’s IT staff due to time constraints or lack of specialized technical expertise.

To strengthen the value of its solutions portfolio, Integrity Network Solutions, at the outset, meets with the client’s technology leaders to discuss the specific challenges and barriers. This is often followed by a discussion with business managers to gain insights from a budgetary aspect of any opportunity. After discussing the technological and financial side, Integrity Network Solutions engineers solutions that address the pain points of the organization, and also fits seamlessly into their budget.

Working primarily in the K12 public sector, Integrity Network Solutions is exceptionally positioned to understand the philosophy and culture unique to K12. Rich has a long association working in the K12 vertical since the mid-nineties. His successes lend a considerable amount of credibility to the firm. He leverages his experience and that of his staff to understand school requirements better, and equips Integrity Network Solutions with a value based work culture, which is in sync with the school administration. As a result, the firm has earned the trust of its K12 clients and therefore, increased the value of its offerings. Furthermore, Integrity Network Solutions has in-house engineers that deal personally with the design, installation, configuration, deployment, testing and support, which makes it a one-stop-shop for every technical obstacle a school may stumble upon.

Integrity Network Solutions’ offerings are intrinsically designed to meet the requirements of the heavily overworked and understaffed IT departments of K12 school districts

“Besides that, the internal staff is constantly trained and certified to stay abreast of technological advancements,” Rich says.

Centered upon its technical and engineering expertise, Integrity Network Solutions, ventures into network areas such as BYOD, threat extraction, backup and disaster recovery, network management, among others. Currently, the firm is promoting security solutions for K12 schools that would ensure zero-day protection from ransomware. Although K12 organizations are well equipped with firewalls and anti-virus, these legacy efforts are not enough by themselves to keep the flurry of ransomware and other malicious attacks from penetrating today’s networks. Integrity Network Solutions is collaborating with networking giants such as Check Point Software Technologies to drive home a robust security solution into the K12 ecosystem. In addition, Integrity offers solutions aimed to educate school faculty and staff about security hacks such as phishing, which are used to direct malware traffic towards a network.

Due to Rich’s background in engineering, Integrity Network Solutions views business from the ever changing technology landscape. This enables the firm to architect solutions that are technically very sound. Individualized technologies are implemented in a way that transforms them into full-blown solutions rather than a simple product offering.

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