RaaWee K12 Solutions: Solution to Preventing Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy at Public Schools

Saleem Qazi, CEO
Our education system is reliant on students attending school. Absenteeism results in lower grades, lower self-esteem, dropping out, giving up, and criminal activities. Missing School affects the potential of our children and in the end, our country.

According to a recent data released by the Dept. of Education, 13 percent of the students nationally were chronically absent in 2013-2014 school year. That’s 1 in every 8 students missing more than 10 percent of the learning time. For several hundreds of thousands, this percentage for missing school is significantly higher.

It’s not that districts across the country are not doing anything to improve student attendance. From having specialized departments to address truancy and chronic absenteeism to having access to social services programs to defining clear cut policies, they apply several methods to engage with students with attendance challenges. And when you see the data, one is forced to think, why is that? Why do we still have 1 in every 8 students with less than 90 percent attendance?

Just like one cannot build a house with just a hammer, schools cannot counter absenteeism just with Student Information Systems aka SIS, which is currently being used primarily across the country. SISs provide extraordinary help for the purpose that they are built for, such as performance assessment, health records, demographics, taking attendance, scheduling, enrollment, etc. They do provide some reports related to district’s and site’s attendance, but none of the SIS provides comprehensive capabilities that schools need to prevent, detect, intervene, document and track chronic absenteeism and truancy.

Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy are Nation’s Hidden Education Crisis

It is common for schools to keep putting efforts every year to encourage regular attendance, because absenteeism is a challenge that is renewed each year with new student population or due to the newer circumstances that are faced by the students and families. In the absence of a fully connected collaboration tool that is specifically built to help schools prevent, detect, intervene, document and track absenteeism patterns, many times their efforts do not bring the desired attendance improvement goals to fruition.

The positive outcomes of implementing this very simple collaboration tool are extraordinary: good grades, self-confidence, skills development, positive contribution to society

After doing a lot of research and interviewing hundreds of practitioners across the country, I recognized the need for an enterprise software for districts, the need for a comprehensive system to help schools eliminate chronic absenteeism and reduce truancy. And this triggered the development of RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS). This is the only collaboration software for absenteeism prevention available in the whole nation which is highly robust, extremely intuitive and fully customizable for any district of any size.

Districts that have started using RaaWee K12 TDPS are already seeing the benefits in using this technology from the very first semester in use. Personally, I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I see these districts immensely enjoying using TDPS and benefiting from it from the get-go. TDPS has enabled them to close the performance gaps amongst students by encouraging them to attend school regularly. With TDPS in place, districts are able to increase the learning time for students, increase their funding associated to attendance improvement, and are able to enhance their student and family engagement strategies with lesser resources at a much lower cost.

Beneficiaries of RaaWee K12 TDPS are Students, Families, School Districts, Communities, Cities, and our Country.

The positive outcomes of implementing this very simple collaboration tool are extraordinary: good grades, self-confidence, skills development, positive contribution to society. Becoming Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Law enforcers, Inventors, and the possibilities become infinite.

RaaWee K12 Solutions

Richardson, TX

Saleem Qazi, CEO

Provides collaboration platform for school districts to help them eliminate chronic absenteeism and reduce truancy

RaaWee K12 Solutions