GEOS Safety Solutions: Ensuring Students' Safety at or away from School

Mark Garver, CEO
It was in 2007 when Mark Garver, CEO, GEOS Safety Solutions and team embarked on their journey to address the need for an alerting, communication and response system in enterprises, schools, hospitals and other public sectors. “Particularly, in the K12 space, the focus is on provisioning access control systems, CCTV surveillance and video management systems to ensure security. This, however, limits their financial and personal resources. The hurdle is balancing between prevention and response,” begins Garver. Considering the pressing challenge of security in K-12 schools, GEOS Safety Solutions offers safety and response solutions aiding the clients to create a safer learning environment, particularly when an incident occurs.

The recent incidents of violence in schools accentuate that learning environments stand in need for safety and security of their students, staff, and faculty. Addressing this need, GEOS, headquartered in Montgomery, TX, offers complete, certified and compliant solutions poised to meet critical situations in K-12 educational institutes. The company’ solution portfolio comprises of critical emergency alerting, communication and response solutions over a variety of networks, including cellular, satellite, and on-premise Internet.

With a view to protect ‘people, places and things’, GEOS has developed a School Safety solution, an integral element of a school’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP), which allows seamless communication among staff members and sends instant notifications in an event where valuable assistance is required. “Our team monitors alerts 24/7 coming from our clients and works as a part of their emergency response group,” explains Garver. GEOS focuses on arming the faculty with alerting communications solutions that can be accessed, at school, on a field trip, at a sporting event or even at another school or location, through any supported mobile device offering a comprehensive picture and details of a critical situation.

The company leverages the power of cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) to offer protection to critical assets through flexible solutions. “We also leverage big data for risk assessment and to identify any social media threats against the school or organization.

Our team monitors alerts 24/7 coming from our clients and works as a part of their emergency response group

Big data tools help us sift through tons of data in a very quick and intelligent manner,” states Garver.

The core value of GEOS School Safety solution emanates from offering situational awareness and communication during an event. “We offer a view of what is going on, where it’s happening and who are the people involved in a critical event,” says Garver. In addition to this, GEOS integrates features like incident notification, response and immediate action into a mobile application that works beyond the physical walls of school campuses. GEOS’ open interface seamlessly integrates with existing or planned safety and security solutions.

GEOS has worked in close partnership with many K-12 schools delivering high-end communication and status monitoring systems. In one instance the company was approached by a private school that conducted frequent field trips for their students. Prior to contacting GEOS, they had situations where suspicious people approached children in the park and it was challenging for the teachers to bring them back safely. After implementing GEOS’ solution, a similar situation occurred and the clients activated their device sending a notification to the GEOS team. “We alerted the police department and as an outcome the officers immediately got the information about the suspicious people, what they were wearing, and their precise location in the park,” illustrates Garver.

For the days ahead, GEOS Safety Solutions has plans to foray into the space of wearables and instill new innovative technologies into their solutions. “We will continue to improve solutions ensuring safety and security of students when they are not at home,” concludes the CEO.

GEOS Safety Solutions

Montgomery, TX

Mark Garver, CEO

Provider of complete, certified and compliant K-12 educational solutions poised to meet everyday situations

GEOS Safety Solutions