RaaWee K12 Solutions: An Extended Software Development Team for K-12

Saleem Qaz, CEO
According to recent studies, U.S. Department of Education estimated that around 7 million students are considered constantly absent from school every year. A considerable number of these young students are in danger of dropping out of school, which may lay an adverse impact on the students’ life. Headquartered in Richardson, TX, RaaWee K12 Solutions provides software development services to school districts in a hybrid model. “In this model, we utilize pre developed software solutions and customize them for each school’s individualized need and for their localized environment,” says Saleem Qazi, CEO, RaaWee K12 Solutions. Additionally, implementation of these solutions has helped school districts to save time and costs in some of the most pressing administrative areas.

The advent of technological innovations in education, like cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, mobile learning, and implementing virtual laboratories in schools are laying a major impact in K-12 education scenario. RaaWee K12’s key product, Truancy and Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) is an enterprise software for student attendance monitoring and improvement. This system applies new efficiencies to the resources, which the school districts already have in place. TDPS identifies potential atrisk students. Students for which truancy interventions might be eligible, TDPS provides a rules-based evaluation on their absences and barriers to attendance.“The system clearly shows student support services and child welfare/attendance personnel why an intervention is matched and points out modifiable conditions that could potentially improve students’ attendance,” says Qazi.

The main reason behind the poor results of many student attendance improvement plans is using multiple systems for tracking and providing interventions.TDPS connects the stakeholders by providing role based access to a single centralized system, instead of recording data and accessing information in different systems. “TDPS plays a significant role in the way student support services collaborate with students and families at a rapid and an unparalleled rate,” says Qazi.

TDPS plays a significant role in the way student support services collaborate with students and families at a rapid and an unparalleled rate

System-generated alerts keep family and student informed and vigilant in the case of poor attendance or loss of credits. The barriers to attendance of each truant student are always accessible to the Student Support Services Department. “This helps to provide the students and their family with the necessary tools and support they might need for maintaining good attendance,” extols Qazi.

TDPS ensures that any data related to truancy or for the outreach efforts made by the district is available and is in synch at all times. If an administrator is analyzing the causes for truancy in the district, TDPS highlights the areas that need improvement and offers insights to launch programs customized to the needs of students with different challenges. This system includes Mobile i-App, a field intervention application that ensures the events are documented as they happen.

For the future, Qazi believes the key to long term growth in the current environment is to focus on being the customers’ “partner of choice.” The company is dedicated in delivering a product that is quality treated and ensures a level of service that meets the varying requirements of their clients. Commenting on the key strengths of RaaWee K12 Solutions, Qazi says, “Attention to details, responsive services to our customers, and rigorous quality assurance are our fundamental principles. “The passion and pride in our work results in successful project completion in a timely and cost-effective manner,” concludes Qazi on an optimistic note.

RaaWee K12 Solutions

Richardson, TX

Saleem Qaz, CEO

Provides expertise in enterprise and cloud administrative application development to solve the business and student support challenges of educational institutions.