Remote Learning Dynamic Duo: VISO TeacherView + VISO MDM for Education

Nadav Avni, Marketing Director, Radix Technologies
Nadav Avni, Marketing Director, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Radix Technologies</a>

Nadav Avni, Marketing Director, Radix Technologies

Many teachers have been struggling with technology as we moved into remote learning and hybrid teaching environments. Balancing in-class instruction and at-home learning at the same time, juggling multiple platforms, and switching between the two has led to frustration and cut into teaching time. Instead of fully focusing on teaching, teachers have found themselves struggling with remote classroom management.

A global study by McKinsey looked at the impact of technology in the classroom. It found that just adding technology doesn’t work. It requires the right technology that’s focused on learning goals.  Technology that’s designed for the classroom to model the in-class experience should be deployed to keep the focus on teaching rather than playing tech support.

The other factor that plays a big role in whether tech is a help or hindrance is the learning curve for students and teachers. Any parent that’s moved to virtual learning during the pandemic will tell you the learning curve has been enormous.

Many school districts have struggled with adapting virtual solutions. Others have tried one platform, then switched to another when they found it didn’t work the way they needed. When multiple platforms are used, there’s a learning curve for each. As new platforms are introduced, students and teachers are often spending time learning the technology rather than the lessons.

A study by the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) revealed that some school districts were using five different online technology platforms to aid in remote classroom management.  This led to confusion and stressed teaching and support staff. This is negatively impacting the quality of the online instruction being provided.

Teachers are also being asked to troubleshoot student’s at-home tech, often in the middle of teaching. It’s an impossible task for teachers who may be trained in classroom tech, but not tech support.

School district leaders and administrators are watching their educational staff and support staff go to extraordinary lengths to provide the best possible education during difficult circumstances. However, many have accepted the fact the way they are doing things now is the best can do. There's a better alternative.

VISO MDM for Education

VISO MDM for Education can handle the management of technology so teachers can focus on teaching

When students or teachers had trouble with laptops or other tech issues in the past, there was IT support to help. With devices spread out in student and teacher homes, and IT support often working remotely as well, it’s become difficult to manage remote classroom technology.

VISO MDM for Education is a cloud-based device management platform designed to make device management and remote classroom management easier. It significantly reduces operational complexity while allowing remote device management from anywhere.

Features Include:

• Remote control

• Advanced messaging and Alerts

• Reporting

• Kiosk mode

• Global policies and settings

• Antitheft and Geofencing

• Software distribution

IT teams can take control of student devices and troubleshoot remotely. Devices can be provisioned, software updates and patches can be installed, and features can be enabled or disabled – all remotely.

VISO MDM for Education makes it so much easier to manage the devices being used by students and teachers.  Whether it's a desktop, laptop, Chromebooks, tablet, interactive touchscreen or VR devices, and whether it's being used at home or at school, every device can be managed remotely.

This cuts down the amount of time teachers need to spend playing tech support by enabling rapid remote response to tech problems from qualified support staff. This increases administrative and instructional effectiveness. It saves time and money by making device management smarter. It also cuts down on frustration levels for every stakeholder and lets educators focus on what they do best – teaching students.

VISO TeacherView

VISO MDM for Education is the perfect complement to VISO TeacherView. While VISO MDM for Education makes mobile device management simpler, VISO TeacherView gives teachers the tools they need to provide a robust learning environment for both on-premises students and remote students.

One of the key advantages of using VISO TeacherView is that everything educators need is within one consolidated platform. There’s no need to juggle multiple platforms and hope teachers and students can navigate back and forth.

Many of the solutions educators have been forced to use, such as Zoom or Teams, have impressive tools but they weren’t designed to model the classroom experience. VISO TeacherView provides teachers with the tools they need. Teachers can view students and device screens at the same time, the same way they might walk through the classroom and look at students' work while studying body language for comprehension and engagement.

In a classroom, students raise their hands for help. VISO TeacherView allows students to virtually raise their hands. Teachers can provide discreet assistance for individual students to avoid potential embarrassment in front of their classmates. Teachers can quickly switch from a group setting to a one-on-one video session with individual students.

Unlike Zoom or Teams where sharing a desktop results in everyone seeing it, teachers using VISO TeacherView can look at individual desktops. If they choose to share a student’s screen or the teacher’s screen, they can click a button and bring it to the front.

They can also switch into kiosk mode, which takes control of each device and forces students to stay within a specific app. This can limit student’s online behavior to what the teacher needs them to focus on right now.

Remote Learning’s Dynamic Duo: VISO TeacherView and VISO MDM for Education

Together, VISO TeacherView and VISO MDM for Education are the dynamic duo for remote learning. By using a software platform designed for education and a cloud-based solution to manage devices remotely, it significantly streamlines the workload for everyone.

For more information about VISO TeacherView and VISO MDM for Education, contact the technology experts at Radix Technologies today or register for a free trial.