20 Most Promising K12 Technology Solution Providers - 2015

20 Most Promising K12 Technology Solution Providers - 2015

Quality education and technology have been witnessing a concurrent headway; every technological advancements made in the education system accounts for an enhanced collation of academic excellence. Academic excellence ultimately breaks newer grounds in the technology landscape. The K-12 educational system extricates through the cacophony of traditional education, delivering virtual, engaging content with cutting-edge technology.

With that, many education technology solution providers have emerged, tapping the potentials of the K-12 system, adding layers of customization features, mobility, localized content and ease-of-use features to it. Interactive online content, cloud storage and anywhere-access, individual attention, gamification modules, animated lessons are some of the key offerings that these solution providers offer. Augmented reality and wearable technologies are already making the rounds, bringing with it a swift response from academic organizations. The solution providers reckon the need for incorporating data analytics intelligence that is minimizing the practical difficulties involved in student tracking and improvement monitoring.

Many educational institutions are adopting the shift to these solution paradigms. In an effort to help CIOs find the right technology solution provider, a team of prominent CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts, along with the CIO Review editorial board has assessed scores of K-12 technology solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

We have evaluated the vendor’s ability to provide technology solutions that will add value to the entire educational ecosystem. We present to you CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising K-12 Solution Providers 2015.

Company Name

Company Description

Aegis Identity A software vendor for the education technology market which provide solutions specific to the K12 space.
Apex Learning Provider of innovative digital learning solutions for secondary education and online advanced placement courses.
Bloomz Inc Providing Bloomz App, the free mobile and web app connecting teachers with parents, in a secure, private, easy to use environment.
Centric Learning Highly qualified content area experts building project-based curriculum in-house.
Certica Solutions Provider of data management and education content solutions for schools and educational service agencies.
Educational Networks Educational Networks is one of the major CMS providers for K-12 school websites in United States.
Everbright Media Creator of experiential learning products to provide fun and entertaining content anytime, anywhere.
FreshGrade Provider of free web and mobile based app for communication and collaboration between parents, teachers and students through digital portfolios.
Frontline Technologies Provider of HR software and web-based tools for K-12 education and schools for effective employee management
Infinite Campus Inc. Provider of Information Technology sftware for K-12 districts to manage daily operations.
JourneyEd.com, Inc. A premier provider of software and technology products, serving both K-12 and higher education institutions nationwide.
Knovation Provider of educational technology solutions to design and implement personalised learning.
LTS Education Systems Providing educational gaming programs to build foundational skills, enrichment and student motivation.
RaaWee K12 Solutions Provides expertise in enterprise and cloud administrative application development to solve the business and student support challenges of educational institutions.
Scantron Provider of innovative and leading assessments, surveys and analytics software solutions for measuring and improving effectiveness for educational outcomes.
SchoolDude Leading prvider of on-demend operations management solutions designed for educational professionals.
Skyward Provider of comprehensive, innovative easy-to-implement administrative software for K-12 education.
SunGard K-12 Provider of secular and reliable software solutions for student information, management, assessment development and analysis curriculam mapping and special education.
Truenorthlogic Provider of professional growth software for K-12 education agencies supporting educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.
Turning Technologies Provider of educational technology solutions to engage monotor and measure learning progress.