20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers - 2016

The K-12 education system today is adopting a blended learning approach that inducts real-time and data-driven instructions into classroom teaching to ensure all-round academic progress for students. These redefining efforts in the K-12 space can be seen receiving buttress from technological advancements which are transforming every other vertical as well. Perhaps the most profound change K-12 has brought is “flipped classrooms” which has upended the yesteryear’s entire education delivery model. Within the same lane, another major diversion from the traditional model is the move away from one-size-fits-all approach to embrace adaptive learning.

At a time when mobility has taken the whole world by storm, education too is seen transformed with the growing usage of portable devices such as, tablets, smart phones and laptops. Along with opening the opportunity to access education any-time, any-where, this trend also hits the spot with its notion of being eco-friendly due to less paper usage.

From a teacher’s standpoint, tech-based student progress monitoring has made it much easier, quicker and more accurate in assessing a student’s progress and devise suitable learning programs. At the opposite end, new interactive education delivery systems such as, gamified studies and augmented reality have been proved to improve a student’s perception of concepts. And, supporting all the above is cloud which makes education delivery hassle free in the truest sense.

Taking the game to another level are the growing presence of simulation and additive manufacturing which changed the face of modern classrooms by affording life-like and first-hand experience in testing and visualizing scientific concepts.

Viewing the promising future K-12 holds, numerous companies are offering solutions to help institutions switch from their traditional educational models, or enrich existing K-12 models. Through selections made by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board, below is the “20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers 2016”, listing the best vendors and consultants of key technology solutions and services related to K-12.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

ACTIVE Network Provider of premier school management software and class registration software for automating and streamlining back-office administration
Apperson Provider of software platforms and scanning tools to improve workflow for educators and delivering deeper insights into data
Follett School Solutions Empowering student learning and educators with integrated solutions consolidating content discovery, delivery, and access with innovative management and instructional systems
Frontline Education Preparing the next generation of learners by delivering both best-in-class systems and insights into one unified solution
GEOS Safety Solutions Provider of complete, certified and compliant K-12 educational solutions poised to meet everyday situations
Hayes Software Systems Assists K-12 campuses and district administration in managing daily activities by developing, marketing, selling, and supporting software and services
Impulse Point Provisioning mobile device management solution to power BYOD initiatives, real-time reporting and improved end user experience at K-12 school districts
K12 Enterprise Providing financial and HR software solutions along with Microsoft development and consulting services for K-12 school systems
K12 Mobility Digital Learning Platform for teachers and students specializing in Mobile Device Management, CIPA Filtering, Digital Curriculum Management, e-Learning MATH software, certified professional development
k12itc Customized technology solutions and personal Help Desk services provider to K-12 school districts
K12ology Technology company providing K-12 Software as a Service (SaaS) targeted towards engaging citizens and community leaders
Learning.com Provides K-12 educational technology solutions to help students, teachers and schools excel in the digital world
Mizuni K-12 technology solutions for School Districts to support novel education strategies and ease data management
PowerSchool Provider of education technology platform for K-12 for driving teachers and student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities
Quality Network Solutions Provides a vast array of services—ranging from consulting and onsite services to remote support and project management
Questar Assessment Provisioning meaningful K-12 assessment programs to bridge the gap between accountability and learning
RaaWee K12 Solutions Provides collaboration platform for school districts to help them eliminate chronic absenteeism and reduce truancy
Renaissance Learning Empowering teachers with cloud-based assessment, teaching, and learning solutions
Scribbles Software Streamlining the student record request process for school districts to help students and alumni through an affordable, revenue generating software
SunGard K-12 Providing solutions partnering with the K-12 education community to improve student achievement and make education more effective