10 Most Promising K-12 Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

10 Most Promising K-12 Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

K-12 institutions today are focused on enhancing the education system. Despite having experienced faculty and administrators, schools and education institutions still face impediments in harnessing the potential of K-12 technology, causing a significant impact on their learning experience. These intricacies can be solved by partnering with K-12 service providers who can guide them through the trivia of K-12 technology.

Today, students are already well-equipped with digital devices that allow them to create simulations and track science experiments, take online courses and collaborate on assignments in real time. The mobile learning has been boon to both teachers and students equally. It empowers students to adapt to advanced educational technology cutting across socio-economic and geographical boundaries and helps teachers keep track of upcoming events, get easy access to courseware and more. These disruptive technological innovations are driving the learning and teaching methodologies in new directions. Majority of the K-12 institutions are also implementing video learning and e-learning platforms to maximize effectiveness of training programs and knowledge sharing. As technology continues to advance along with awareness of the need to improve education technology, K-12 institutions are looking for an innovative K-12 technology services providers.

With that in mind, in the last few months, we have analyzed hundreds of K-12 technology services providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the education arena. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed the top companies in the K-12 technology domain. The featured companies offer top-notch services and are forerunners that have exhibited in-depth expertise in the K-12 technology space.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising K-12 Consulting/Services Companies – 2018.”

Company Name

Company Description

Amplify Amplify is dedicated to collaborating with educators to create learning experiences that are rigorous and riveting for all students by providing K–8 core and supplemental curriculum, assessment, and intervention programs for today’s students
Cornerstone OnDemand Provides a unified cloud platform to recurit, develop, manage people
D2L Provides powerful and flexible learning management platform to help drive better learning outcomes by offering every learner a highly personalised, digital experience
District Management Group Provides educational and management services
Dude Solutions Provides cloud-based operations management software to help you track assets, improve workflow, make data-driven decisions and transform lives
Follett Corporation Provides education technology, services and print and digital content for over half of the students in the U.S
Fuel Education Fuel Education provides innovative digital curriculum, technology, instruction, and support enabling you to create a learning environment that is just right for your students.
HurixDigital Provides learning content, digital marketing, and technology services to help organisations from across the world achieve their business goals
Nearpod Provides interactive learning platform to empower educators to create learning experiences that engage and inspire millions of students around the world
Skyward Provides K-12 student information system and a finance/human resources suite for schools and municipalities