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Greg Lamkin, CEO
In an age defined by technology, K-12 schools strive to ensure the highest quality education along with providing the ideal conditions for integrating technology that is relevant and in demand. However, K-12 schools, especially the smaller ones, don’t always receive preferred pricing, support, or the appropriate consultation on the options available to them. a technology reseller specializing in the education market remedies this inequality by providing all K-12 schools nationwide with convenient access to hundreds of technology solutions from a single source.“Serving our mission to advance education through technology, we combine an ever growing array of in-demand technology offerings from popular brands with experienced account management teams, who utilize cutting edge technology to deliver unique solutions to our customers,” says Greg Lamkin, CEO, JourneyEd. com.

As one-to-one computing initiatives are being introduced in K-12 schools, students are increasingly using computing devices to access the Internet and digital course materials as well as to collaborate more digitally. However, with such a wide variety of technology options available in the market, schools often struggle to implement these initiatives effectively as no standard approach works for all schools. “With a specialized understanding of the education market’s challenges, we have in turn implemented a comprehensive and flexible product strategy to support the various needs of K-12 schools for the full scope of oneto-one computing,” remarks Lamkin. provides a variety of product and service options, including software and hardware, device accessories, Wi-Fi infrastructures, and even digital learning curriculums to fit into any school’s one-to-one computing scenario. With an experienced team of staff members, the company assists K-12 schools with everything from technology requirements, defining specifications, contract negotiations and fulfillment, to billing, implementation, and upgrading.

Through its IT network services, the company also provides access to software and hardware solutions applicable to a school’s entire IT network infrastructure. These services include industryspecific Wi-Fi solutions, network security, device management, virtualization, disaster recovery, and IT asset lifecycle management.

Our belief is that technology products and services should be made more accessible to all schools regardless of budget, academic pursuit, or location

They make these offerings available by partnering with a number of software/hardware companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, Google, VMware, Kaspersky, Symantec, and Rukus Wireless, to provide solutions that are comprehensive and cost-effective to a school’s IT requirements. “Our belief is that technology products and services should be made more accessible to all schools regardless of budget, academic pursuit, or location,” mentions Lamkin.

The company’s proactive engagement with Paramus Public K-12 School serves as an example to their extensive industry expertise. Wanting to implement Microsoft’s Volume License Program and having heard the various options from several resellers, the school’s technology team opted to go with “JourneyEd. com’s extreme knowledge in technology with regards to our school’s needs assisted us like no other when it came to purchasing software,” says Kathleen McCann, Technology Coordinator, Paramus Public Schools.

The company constantly evaluates ways to improve the quality of service extended to their customers. One such recent improvement is a new eProcurement infrastructure that allows for the integration of the company’s custom ecommerce site with a school’s existing procurement system. “With our eProcurement solution, the technology buyers at schools can continue using their existing procurement system, while also having access to our extensive online catalog of technology products,” explains Lamkin. Having recently expanded into managing physical campus technology stores at universities, one of the paths ahead for JourneyEd. com is to make similar computer repair and support services at the universities available to nearby K-12 schools districts as well.

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Greg Lamkin, CEO

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